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Welcome to the REEKAway Instructions Page:

Although there are many odor eliminators in the marketplace, REEKAway is unique in the sense that it doesn't temporarily minimize odors... it is a PERMANENT ODOR ELIMINATOR! In order for REEKAway to work properly depends on you, the user. This page is designed to inform you of the proper use of REEKAway so you can enjoy the full benefits of this product.

SHAKE WELL - Then spray liberally on entire source of odor so the surface being treated remains wet for 20 minutes. For proper odor elimination, it is important the entire source of the odor is treated. REMEMBER: Wetter is Better! Most odors will be eliminate within seconds. Tougher odors may take longer but within minutes the cause of the odor is being destroyed. You can also apply as a pre-wash for exceptional results.

WHAT MAKES AN ODOR? There are three (3) phases to any odor. The first phase is the actual cause of the odor. Something spills or is excreted -OR- something spoils, rots or decomposes. Regardless how it occurs, odors come from biological and/or organic matter. Phase two begins when bacteria forms and starts feeding on the biological and/or organic matter. The results of this bacteria feeding process is the creation of odor molecules and is the third phase of the odor... the odor itself (the smell). REEKAway eliminates all three phases of odor.

  • Wetter is better - make sure the entire area of the odor is sprayed with REEKAway. You must apply enough to keep the area moist or wet for 20 minutes. For tough odors, saturation is alway preferred. Any area of the odor that is not sprayed with REEKAway will not be properly treated and the odor may not be completely destroyed.
  • It does not contain perfume or fragrance - REEKAway is not designed to simply mask the smell with perfume or fragrance. It is scientifically designed to biologically destroy the odor, therefore eliminating it. Product to odor contact is a must!
  • Safe on skin and pets - REEKAway is safe to use on skin and pets. Be sure to read the caution label that states not to expose open skin (wounds or cuts) to REEKAway. When spraying directly on pets, be sure you are in a well ventilated area and do not spray at or near your pets head and face. Applying by hand vs. spraying is a great way to apply the product to skin and pets when spraying is not ideal.
  • Better sprayer means better layer - REEKAway comes in two spray versions. The 8 ounce bottle contains a trigger sprayer which will deliver more product per pump making it easier to apply. The 2 ounce bottle contains a finger pump sprayer which will deliver much less per pump therefore requires more pumps for the same application. JAWS recommends only using the 2 ounce bottle for travel purposes. Purchasing a refill size of REEKAway and pouring it into a larger bottle with heavy duty trigger sprayer is a great way to ease proper application of the product. It is important to make sure the aftermarket bottle and sprayer have not been exposed to other products that may accidentally mix with REEKAway and diminish its odor eliminating ability. Like we keep saying... "Wetter is better" so a better sprayer means a better layer of REEKAway.

- REEKAway is a fantastic prewash product. When you want to give your gear the ultimate cleaning, pre-wash it with REEKAway! For water sports wear, sports wear and clothing use as directed prior to hand or machine washing. Allow REEKAway a minimum of 20 minutes to kill the odor causing bacterial before starting the washing process. JAWS Aqua suds and slosh products are ideal for hand washing or "sloshing" your water sports and sports wear after pre-treating it with REEKAway.

CAUTION: Every bottle of REEKAway contains a caution warning on the back of the label. Please read and abide by all caution warnings.