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Welcome to our reviews page! Here you can read what our customers are saying about us and the JAWS product line. We not only strive to provide high quality ECO friendly products & solutions, but we make it our mission to deliver the best customer service in the industry. While reading the reviews, feel free to visit each dealer's site who posted a review by clicking on their name.

"I've been training divers and snorkelers for 37 years and in that time I have tried more samples and brands of defog than I can count. I like that I don't need to reapply quick spit during a 2 to 3 hour pool session and this defog doesn't leave a residue in the edges of my mask. One spray on each side of my mask is more than enough to get the job done, so this small bottle lasts me a long dive season"
Aqua Ventures / Michael Eversmier

Great innovative way to keep your defog with you and a great product for multi-sport use.... ski goggles, eye glasses, swim goggles to scuba masks and more!!!! Also easy on the eyes. :-)" High Plaines Scuba / Jim Schults

"Great product ... recommended to every student we teach" Richard Best / Sunken Treasure Scuba Center

No need to use a lot. Two small drops in the mask, rub n' rinse will adequately eliminate the fog throughout the entire dive. Consistently works well" Andy Moblo / Moby's Dive Shop

"All of my instructors use either Spit or Quick spit by choice and since they use it with the students I now find that I only need to carry the JAWS defog"
Vicki Ruiz / GR8 Diving

"Spit is the best defog material we have ever found. We always use Scrub to remove the mold release material form new masks and then use Spit to prevent the mask from fogging. It works very well even with nose breathers"
George Perez / Sea Divers Inc

The NEOsplit Mask Strap is the perfect solution for anyone who dives with a ponytail or bun. Keeps the mask in place, and your hair out of the way. I love the extra slot for the snorkel keeper too. It is in the perfect place to keep the snorkel out of the way for diving, and upright for snorkeling. Cate / Quiescence Diving Services
"Spit defog works great! The spit clip makes it super convenient!" Barb Sylvester / Aquatic Specialties
"REEKAway works great on all kinds of things.. scuba gear, sandals etc...." Barb Sylvester / Aquatic Specialties
"The stowit mesh bags are great! Very easy to use, hold quite a bit of equipment and take up little space in bigger luggage. Great value!" Paul Wagenseller / Scuba Professionals of AZ
"The JAWS spitCLIP keeps my defog on my dry bag so i always have it, and never leave it on the boat... love it!" Cate / Quiescence Diving Services
"We really love the spit clip set up. It's a great way to keep your mask defog handy!" Kevin Tate / Indepth Scuba & Water Sports
"Our instructors really appreciate JAWS thinking about them by providing us with instructor size bottles. Before now I was always running out." Kevin Tate / Indepth Scuba & Water Sports
"We love the fast application of Quick spit. Believe it or not, it really is quick!" Kevin Tate / Indepth Scuba & Water Sports
"Best anti-fog ever! I love this stuff and so do my students!" Chris Sweeney / Fins Up Scuba
"Quick spit is our best selling defog product. Easy to keep with you, rinses clear and doesn't burn the eyes! Keep up the good work JAWS." Chris Sweeney / Fins Up Scuba